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Do you like to get a live person when you call a company, without navigating through voice mail or being put on hold  and get a quick quote without any runaround!

Do you like to save money and not have any surprises when you see the bill? 

Do you like to drive a car that does not stand out and label you as a tourist?

Do you prefer  supporting  a small  locally owned and operated company ?

Do you need your car repaired.   If so,  there are several  repair shops right near  us where you can bring your car to  and  walk a few minutes over  to us for your rental !  One of them is open on  Saturday too and there is an excellent body shop we can recommend too.

Do you need to pick up or return your car after hours?   It is possible.   Call for details. 415 454 4008

Do you need to buy a car or have a car to sell or trade.    We will pay you a lot more than a dealer on a trade in!!   If you need to buy a car you can rent ours for a few days  or  weeks  to really test it. before you buy it. Call us at 415 454 4008.  Thanks for getting this far!

Do you need financing .   We sometimes  do  short term financing with a large down payment and zero interest charge if you qualify.  Call for more details.

Are you selling a car ?     We will buy it even if it does not run or damaged and i we'll give you more than a dealer .   Call for more info.  415 454 4008

Do you not have or use a  credit card.  We accept debit cards or do cash deposits as well.    Call to see if you qualify .

Give us a call    @    415 454 4008    or  e mail us at qucr@qucr.com 

And do you appreciate knowing that our rates stay consistently low throughout the year and don't jump up sky high during peak seasons like the major companies?  And we strive to  ALWAYS have cars available!!

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Thanks for visiting and  stop by and say hello anytime you're in the neighborhood.!




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