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Q: I am going  over the 200 miles radius . Can I still rent?
  We sometimes let our vehicles go beyond our 200 mile limit if you are renting the vehicle for at least a few weeks and staying in California.  You would also need to give us a deposit to do so - call us for more details. 415 454 4008

Q: What are our rates?
They vary depending on the car, length of the rental and time of year but we do not have such a wide fluctuation in our rates like the major companies.  Of course , the longer you rent the better the rate.   Rates are by the day ,week, or month and must be paid in advance plus a deposit.   Our average rates for a midsize like a Nissan Sentra or Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic  with 4 doors and automatic is $30 per day or $180 per week ($25.33 per day) or $600 per month ($20 per day).  A van, truck, manual transmission, convertible or larger car or a station wagon  may be more.  Rates may vary depending on the time of year and availability.   Show us the best rate you can find locally (in the Bay area) for a comparable car  and we will try to match or beat their rate,  before! , not after you rent !   For people without their own car insurance, our insurance rates for liability are much less than the major companies so keep this in mind.   Please note:     The only surprise you will have with us is that there are no last minute (by the way) fees,  unless you need the  CDW (collision damage waiver)  coverage  or SLI insurance (supplemental liability insurance) or RLI (renters liability insurance) . Our rates include 100 miles per day by the day or 700 per week.  By the month you get 2000 miles.   Over the mileage limit costs .20 per mile.            Call us for an exact quote unless you are out of the US then  email us with your age, type of credit card , insurance requirements, the size or type of car you need. how long you need it and how far you are going.  With this information we can give you a quote by e mail otherwise please call. 415 454 4008.  Thanks!      AND PLEASE NOTE** WE WILL  TRY OUR BEST TO   BEAT ANY QUOTE YOU CAN FIND FOR A COMPARABLE CAR FROM ANY OTHER COMPANY IN OUR AREA **MAKE SURE THE QUOTE INCLUDES TAX LIKE WE DO!  You can always cancel your reservation or return the car early with a minimal charge as opposed to losing your full rental payment if you rent on line and cancel.  Speaking of lines you will not have to wait in any long ones with us like you will at the airport or at a major company. We are quick, efficient and value your time and ours.  We Hope you will try our service and it is  always good to call first.  Our main office number  is  415 454 4008 or e mail qucr@qucr.com   Thanks!!

Q: How much is insurance?
The CDW (collision damage waiver)  is $10 per day.  If you accept the CDW you do not have to worry about any damage to our car except for a small deductible (see the rental agreement for exclusions).  You would not have to put in a claim to your insurance company  that might  effect your insurance rates nor pay a high deductible.   If you decline the CDW,   'YOU' are responsible for any damage to the vehicle even if it is parked and was not your fault.  Minimum Liability is much higher with the major companies if you need it. If you have your own car insurance  your liability coverage is the primary coverage  before ours. If you take the CDW coverage than your collision coverage is secondary. If you are unsure whether your insurance will be enough check with your insurance company.  Please note:!!   Check with your credit card company also  for their full policies on rentals.  Only those persons listed on your policy will have coverage on a rental car. Also, if you have insurance from another country it may not work in the US. Check with your company or  credit card  before coming! We also offer the basic liability coverage which covers the legal minimum you need in California. We also offer optional supplemental liability insurance for $1 million  if you need it. 

  Also, If your car has been in an accident and you have rental coverage on your insurance we can direct bill any insurance company  and you can use us or  any rental company you choose even if your insurance tries to direct  you to a specific company.  This is true for going to auto body repair shop of your choice as well.      


Q: I am under 21. Can I rent a car?
A: It is possible .....  You need to show proof of current insurance with high liability coverage, usually at least $1 million.   You must have proof of residence and live locally and have the car for 7 days or longer.
Only local driving allowed as well. Also it is an additional $10 per day.  Call for details.  415 454 4008

Q: I am over 21 and under 25.  Is there an extra charge?
Yes.   We charge an additional $10  per day. Only local renters with proof of residence.   The major companies charge from $15 to $25 extra per day if you are under 25 years old.

Q: Can I smoke or have pets in the car?
A: No smoking at all is allowed !!!   We have some trucks or wagons that we allow dogs. In all cars a small dog may be allowed if you keep the seats covered.  We charge at least  $100 for cleaning dog smell or  hair or removing  the smell of smoke.

Q: Do you accept Debit Cards or do a Cash deposit?
A: Yes
, unless you are under 25 . With a debit card or only cash you need to bring proof of LOCAL  residence such as a current utility bill  (not a cell phone bill) or a lease and proof of LOCAL employment (pay stub)  and three good phone #s, such as home, work and a relative. Your drivers license needs to match your local residential address too. We will  call to verify all  those contact numbers.    Cash deposits are 'usually' $400 plus the rent (sometimes higher)  or you need at least $300 on your debit card that will be charged. If there is a credit we will put it back on the card upon returning the car.   Only certain  cars are available for cash deposit or debit card customers.  Cash deposit customers need final approval  by a manager only at our office in person.  Call  for more info. 415 454 4008.  We 'sometimes' make exceptions for the amount of the deposit or the age of the renter  in person only and not over the phone. We may  also  do a credit check and may run a check of your drivers license record as well  .  All parking tickets or bridge violations are the renters responsibility.   Unpaid parking tickets will be charged  the fine amount plus a $10 processing fee.    Note: If you have a  transponder it may not work with our car unless you add our car to your fastrak account.  So pay the toll with cash on all bridges  unless you are going over the Golden Gate Bridge.  You may prepay your Golden Gate Bridge trip by calling fastrak or doing it online by giving them a credit card and our license plate. Soon the toll is going to $7.50 per crossing and if you do not prepay while driving our car we charge $10. per trip.

Q: Do you take a deposit on my credit card?
Usually we charge the rent in advance and  also do an additional deposit.  The amount depends on the car you rent , the length of the rental, and how long you have been our customer.  Call for details. If you need to extend the rental beyond the expected date of return, you must call us, or we will charge your credit or debit card.  

Q: Can I return the car after hours?
: Yes, with prior approval but you are still responsible for the car until we see it on the next business day. We give a 1 hour grace period so if you rent at 10 am it is due back by 11 am when you return.  CAll us for details.

Q: Do you charge extra for multiple drivers?
: Not for two drivers if all are over 25 years old. Over two drivers is an extra $10 per day per driver.

Q: Do you have cars for the chemically sensitive person?

A: Yes  we do and you are welcome to sit in each car to find the one that works for you. We do not use any toxic products in cleaning our cars and ask that you do not use any cleaning  product without checking with us first.  And please no perfumes, incense or 'air fresheners'  at all  in our cars or  offices. Our cars also do not have a new car chemical smell . They are clean with non toxic products  and aired out.

Q: Do you have a mileage limitation?
For cars or trucks you get 100 miles per day or 700 per week or 2000 miles per month at the monthly rate. Over the mileage limit is .20 per mile.  Our cars must stay within a 200 mile radius of San Rafael.

Q: What time is the car due back?
One day is 24 hours from when you pick up the car.   If you rent the car at 10 am it is due back at 11 am whatever day you return it. ( We have a one hour grace period)    After that we charge $10 per hour up to the daily rate.

Q: Can you pick me up or drop me off ?
A: We may be able to pick you up and bring you to our office if you give us advance notice and
  are close by.  415 454 4008

Q: Will my transponder work for fastrak for the rental car                                                                                                                                          A,   It may but be  sure you  call fastrak and add 'our' car to your account, otherwise the toll may be charged to us. The  Richmond Bridge and Bay Bridge accept cash.

Q: How can I pay on the Golden Gate Bridge now that there are no toll takers?  Call Fastrak and pay by phone or online.   If you do not want to hassle contacting fastrak then our fee for all bridge tolls is $10 per too.                                                                                                     


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