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Thank you.   To the right are two  Australian ladies who rented for 4 months and doing volunteer work on an Indian Reservation and camping in our truck.


Dear Folks at Quality Used Car Rental,

We are writing to tell you how much we appreciated renting a car from you during the 10 months we spent at UCSF in San Francisco while on sabbatical leave from our university job in Toulouse, France.

We have calculated that the price of a long term rental from you was very low.  As well the experience was far more satisfying than buying a car and being obligated to pay insurance and then resell the car at the time of our departure. 

In addition the utilization of our Premier VISA credit card was efficient for covering a part of the  insurance risks and Quality gave us free liability insurance that the major companies do not. 

Art, the  Quality Used Car boss with whom we interacted was always very reasonable, understanding, and  helpful when we had problems-such as organizing the day of payments, traveling away from San Francisco on a few occasions, maintaining the car body, and so on.

He was always available when we needed him.  We will certainly recommend your company to our friends and contacts, being sure to tell them of your unbeatable prices, your impressive courtesy and flexibility and your advantage in long term rentals. 

Thank you for being so helpful during our time in San Francisco!


Catherine and Kamran Samii

Kamran Samii Pole Anesthesie et Reanimation
Toulouse, France



"I love Quality Used Car Rentals!  The staff is very friendly, they always have a car when I need one, they have the best prices anywhere, they are very flexible-I can arrange to pick up and drop off cars at convenient locations.  I recommend them to everyone. Thank You!  "    Julien  in Tiburon,  Ca.

 For all those looking for a 'quality car rental' :

I have been a Quality Used Car Rental customer for over 10 years on and off when I am back in the Bay Area  I have been pleased with the car, service and overall attitude of  what these young men from the East coast have brought to Marin. It just makes perfect sense, especially in these challenging times, to offer a service such as theirs.  Art has extended himself above and beyond the  call.......often picking me up at the Airporter. A delightful gift after 18 hours of international travel.  A breath of fresh air.....if you will.  They care about their customers, their cars and MOST IMPORTANT ........customer satisfaction.  A 5 star experience.......

Noel H.



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